TEN MOST COMMON MISTAKES MADE BY COMMERCIAL TENANTS AND BUYERS 1st Most Common Mistake: NOT ALLOWING ENOUGH TIME Facility research, property inspections and comparison analysis can usually be completed in a week or so by motivated companies already familiar with the local market. However, those tasks are only the tip of the “time drain” iceberg, […]

Real estate deeds and their differences A deed is a legal instrument that transfers ownership of real estate.  In their book Colorado Real Estate Practice, Willis Carpenter and Holly Hoxeng describe the five types of deeds defined and in use in Colorado.  These deeds are as follows: 1. General warranty deed 2. Special warranty deed […]

For Sale By Owner- Not As Simple As You Think! Many commercial property owners make the decision to sell without the assistance of a broker. This practice is commonly known by the acronym “FSBO”. Selling a property on your own can be a challenging task and requires the owner to take on the role typically […]