Drafting a commercial lease is complicated. There are a number of factors to consider and an array of options with respect to structuring the deal. The old “location location location” adage is very much in play when negotiating these leases. This article discusses a few of those factors, foot traffic and breakpoint. Foot Traffic When a tenant negotiates […]

Colorado is clearly a leader in the pot market. With the legalization of Marijuana came new real estate opportunities for those in Colorado. It created a market for recreational drugs that is unique, bringing in a surge of new customers into the state. It has also created questions about how marijuana affects the rental market. […]

The Nesbitt Group finds the following article/excerpt from Urban Land very promising for the Denver commercial office real estate market. Excerpt from Urban Land, Opinion Office, “Leaders and Laggards” by John F. Sikaitis, July/August 2010: “Development aligned with specific tenant demand and improving sectors – particularly the energy, education, medicine, federal government, and biotechnology sectors […]