The Nesbitt Commercial Group is pleased to announce the sale of 20 Mile Mercantile in Parker, Colorado. Eric L. Nesbitt, Esq., the principal broker, negotiated a favorable sales price of $6,850,000 for the property and closed escrow just 105 days after signing the listing agreement. If you have a commercial real estate requirement in Colorado, […]

A critical investment tool which has been central to the rebuilding of our American economy – especially in diverse communities – is at serious risk as a provision in the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan is under consideration in Washington, DC.  The proposed cap on 1031 exchanges at $500,000 included in the plan is shortsighted and counterproductive. […]

Even during the mask mandate and social distancing requirements, our team is coordinating showings and closings while taking every precaution to keep our clients and colleagues safe and healthy. Check out the video below that our founder & CEO took before touring a client at our Curtis Park Nonprofit Center listing to learn more about […]

The Nesbitt Commercial Group hosted a rooftop happy hour event for our business partners and colleagues on June 20th in downtown Denver. We hope everyone who was able to attend enjoyed themselves as much as our team did, and are looking forward to the next one!

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, knowing the laws regarding the withholding of security deposits is crucial when you’re involved in a landlord and tenant dispute. As a landlord, you need to know the situations in which you can legally withhold a tenant’s deposit, and as a tenant, you need to know whether your rights […]

Early Termination, Kick-out, or Cancellation clause are all terms we hear quite often in commercial leasing but it is something that is still not fully understood by many. Simply put, a “Kick-out Clause”, also known as a “Cancellation Clause” is a reciprocal clause in a commercial lease in which a landlord can evict a tenant […]

A broker will save you time- The client should not be the one to do the heavy lifting, i.e. searching for properties that may or may not meet their needs, contacting listing agents and negotiating rates. A good broker will present you with options, arrange tours once they are certain a property has what the […]

Similar to our previous posting “Top 10 reasons to work with a commercial broker” we have compiled a list of the Top 5 reasons why it is worth your while to work with a broker on your listing. Industry contacts- When working with an experienced commercial real estate professional, all agents in the surrounding area […]

As a seasoned commercial Realtor, my team has had the opportunity to work with numerous real estate  investors. From multifamily to office buildings, there are a few universal rules of thumb that I want to pass along. Have a game plan- And stick to it! Decide if you want to invest in multifamily, office, or […]

As an attorney, I am often brought into commercial transactions after they are initiated. Often times one party decides to go it alone and not use representation for their side of the transaction, gets in over there head and brings me in as an attorney on their behalf. It never ceases to amaze me how […]

While the commercial and residential real estate fields do often overlap, they are two very contrary markets. Generally, people think about a lease and think it is an all encompassing document that will offer the same rights and protections to businesses as they would a tenant who is renting a residence. This could not be […]

Obviously there are many more than just 10 questions you should ask before you purchase commercial real estate. Depending on the type of property you plan to buy, the location, the age of the property, and what your intended use is, there is a great deal of specific and important information you should know. Below […]