The Nesbitt Group finds the following article/excerpt from Urban Land very promising for the Denver commercial office real estate market. Excerpt from Urban Land, Opinion Office, “Leaders and Laggards” by John F. Sikaitis, July/August 2010: “Development aligned with specific tenant demand and improving sectors – particularly the energy, education, medicine, federal government, and biotechnology sectors […]

Sometimes I wish finding commercial real estate property could be made as easy as finding a home. Generally, in the residential world, all available properties are placed into a local metropolitan listing service (MLS). Residential agents maintain the MLS system, and frequently make it available to the general public. As a result, anyone with a […]

As a tenant in a building you may think it’s a good idea to negotiate your own commercial real estate lease directly with the landlord. You may even recognize the landlord’s broker faces a conflict of interest when he claims to serve both the landlord and tenant at the same time. You’re probably thinking, you […]