I’m glad you asked. Commercial real estate tenant representatives are licensed real estate professionals who perform site searches, narrow choices to review, suggest landlord concession approaches, negotiate letter of intent offers with landlords, limit occupancy costs, suggest business points to discuss during lease negotiations, and invite competing sites for a bidding contest if necessary. Although […]

In Colorado, landlord brokers generally do a great job representing landlords.  That’s what they’re paid to do, and it isn’t easy.  But you shouldn’t be surprised to find that the advice landlord brokers are accustomed to offer doesn’t serve your interests.  Here are the eight worst kinds of advice you’re likely to hear from a […]

The Nesbitt Group finds the following article/excerpt from Urban Land very promising for the Denver commercial office real estate market. Excerpt from Urban Land, Opinion Office, “Leaders and Laggards” by John F. Sikaitis, July/August 2010: “Development aligned with specific tenant demand and improving sectors – particularly the energy, education, medicine, federal government, and biotechnology sectors […]

Sometimes I wish finding commercial real estate property could be made as easy as finding a home. Generally, in the residential world, all available properties are placed into a local metropolitan listing service (MLS). Residential agents maintain the MLS system, and frequently make it available to the general public. As a result, anyone with a […]

As a tenant in a building you may think it’s a good idea to negotiate your own commercial real estate lease directly with the landlord. You may even recognize the landlord’s broker faces a conflict of interest when he claims to serve both the landlord and tenant at the same time. You’re probably thinking, you […]