As an attorney, I am often brought into commercial transactions after they are initiated. Often times one party decides to go it alone and not use representation for their side of the transaction, gets in over there head and brings me in as an attorney on their behalf. It never ceases to amaze me how […]

The office vacancy rate in Denver continued on the steady decline track with vacancy rate in the Denver market area dropping to 11.4% at the end of the fourth quarter 2013. The vacancy rate was 11.6% at the end of the third quarter 2013, 11.8% at the end of the second quarter 2013, and 11.9% at the end […]

While the commercial and residential real estate fields do often overlap, they are two very contrary markets. Generally, people think about a lease and think it is an all encompassing document that will offer the same rights and protections to businesses as they would a tenant who is renting a residence. This could not be […]

Obviously there are many more than just 10 questions you should ask before you purchase commercial real estate. Depending on the type of property you plan to buy, the location, the age of the property, and what your intended use is, there is a great deal of specific and important information you should know. Below […]

More so now than ever before, investors are buying multifamily housing. If you are considering making the jump into this lucrative market there are several key factors you need to know about. Particularly, differentiating a commercial property from a residential property. To make it simple, a property with four or less dwellings (units) is a […]

You have made it through negotiating terms and have executed the lease. After several weeks the build out has finally been completed. Several days later, you pull up to the parking lot of the 10 story office building in the perfect location and you notice, your company’s name isn’t on the monument sign. But why?? […]

The measurement of office space square footage for rent purposes is a highly misunderstood concept to all. Most tenants are paying for space they do not “occupy” such as common areas in the building that clients, customers, or employees… would need to travel through to get to an office or suite in the building. Useable […]

The real estate market in Colorado is proving to be one of the most resilient in the nation. This holds true for both the residential and commercial sectors. “The office vacancy rate in the Denver market area decreased to 11.5% at the end of the third quarter 2013. The vacancy rate was 11.8% at the […]

We are looking for a talented and hard working individual to join our successful commercial real estate brokerage team. The Nesbitt Group is part of Keller Williams Realty, the largest real estate company in the world. Our team focuses exclusively on commercial real estate transactions, including tenant representation, multifamily and investment sales, and land transactions. […]

Eric Nesbitt of the Nesbitt Group pays $16,000 referral fee to Carol Hoffman of the Keller Williams DTC Office for $4 million commercial shopping center transaction.

Today’s Denver Business Journal reports that Denver office landlords are offering significant free rent to lure new office tenants. View full article. The Denver office market continues to be favorable for tenants seeking to negotiate leases for new space, or to renegotiate existing terms. If the timing is right for you, contact a commercial real […]

In a legal proceeding, you would never hire the same attorney or law firm your opponent had retained. And if you were being audited by the IRS, more than likely you would have your accountant represent you. In both cases, you would hire experts to ensure your interests are well protected. Yet in commercial real […]