ICON Cinema at Victory Ridge The Nesbitt Commercial Group is pleased to announce the successful representation of Icon Cinema in the acquisition of the ICON Cinema at Victory Ridge in Colorado Springs, CO. This 14-screen movie theater will offer a VIP experience with all recliner seats, food and alcoholic beverage services. Construction is underway and the theater […]

Colorado is clearly a leader in the pot market. With the legalization of Marijuana came new real estate opportunities for those in Colorado. It created a market for recreational drugs that is unique, bringing in a surge of new customers into the state. It has also created questions about how marijuana affects the rental market. […]

Eric Nesbitt of the Nesbitt Commercial Group is Changing Perceptions of Minorities in Commercial Real Estate Greenwood Village, CO – Eric Nesbitt, of the Nesbitt Commercial Group and principal brokers Alec Wynne, Paul Washington, Carmon Hicks were featured in the Colorado Real Estate Journal, Diversity Essential To Industry’s Future discussing the lack of minority representation […]

INOVA Dry Creek Building The Nesbitt Commercial Group is pleased to announce the successful tenant representation of Inocucor Corporation in the closing of its new 33,514 square foot 10 year office lease in the INOVA Flex Building at 7304 South Joliet Street in Centennial, Colorado. The premises consist of office, laboratory, and warehouse space, and will host Inocucor’s US headquarters. Inocucor […]

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, knowing the laws regarding the withholding of security deposits is crucial when you’re involved in a landlord and tenant dispute. As a landlord, you need to know the situations in which you can legally withhold a tenant’s deposit, and as a tenant, you need to know whether your rights […]

Much like the residential market, the commercial lease and sale arena is on fire with no signs of slowing in the upcoming quarters. The stats for the sub catagories of the commercial office market are as follows: Vacancy The office vacancy rate in the Denver market area decreased to 10.0% at the end of the […]

Early Termination, Kick-out, or Cancellation clause are all terms we hear quite often in commercial leasing but it is something that is still not fully understood by many. Simply put, a “Kick-out Clause”, also known as a “Cancellation Clause” is a reciprocal clause in a commercial lease in which a landlord can evict a tenant […]

A broker will save you time- The client should not be the one to do the heavy lifting, i.e. searching for properties that may or may not meet their needs, contacting listing agents and negotiating rates. A good broker will present you with options, arrange tours once they are certain a property has what the […]

Similar to our previous posting “Top 10 reasons to work with a commercial broker” we have compiled a list of the Top 5 reasons why it is worth your while to work with a broker on your listing. Industry contacts- When working with an experienced commercial real estate professional, all agents in the surrounding area […]

Real estate deeds and their differences A deed is a legal instrument that transfers ownership of real estate.  In their book Colorado Real Estate Practice, Willis Carpenter and Holly Hoxeng describe the five types of deeds defined and in use in Colorado.  These deeds are as follows: 1. General warranty deed 2. Special warranty deed […]

As a seasoned commercial Realtor, my team has had the opportunity to work with numerous real estate  investors. From multifamily to office buildings, there are a few universal rules of thumb that I want to pass along. Have a game plan- And stick to it! Decide if you want to invest in multifamily, office, or […]

For Sale By Owner- Not As Simple As You Think! Many commercial property owners make the decision to sell without the assistance of a broker. This practice is commonly known by the acronym “FSBO”. Selling a property on your own can be a challenging task and requires the owner to take on the role typically […]