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Similar to our previous posting “Top 10 reasons to work with a commercial broker” we have compiled a list of the Top 5 reasons why it is worth your while to work with a broker on your listing.

  1. Industry contacts- When working with an experienced commercial real estate professional, all agents in the surrounding area should know about your listing as soon as possible. Leveraging your brokers industry contacts can help you get interested buyers or tenants sometimes before the property hits the open market.
  2. Marketing- In addition to leveraging contacts, having marketing practices in place will ensure consumers are informed about your properties availability. Properties for sale or lease should be listed on one or more multiple listing service, flyers and other marketing collateral should be in place, and the property should have a minimum of one sign displayed to the general public.
  3. Negotiations- Chances are, as the owner of a property you do not spend your days negotating commercial real estate transactions. A commercial broker will not only know exactly what the market is doing, but also what type inventory is moving, and what concessions are considered industry standard in a transaction. These are a few, of many powerful negotiation tools that will be used in deciding a lease rate or sale price.
  4. Preserve relationships- In many cases there will be a relationship between buyer and seller or tenant and landlord that will survive past the closing. Maybe the current owner will lease space from the new owner, or if you are a landlord, you will come into contact with your tenants at some point in the future. Maintain an even keeled relationship with the other parties involved, and let the brokers get into the heated negotations should there be a disagreement on terms.
  5. Save time- Attempting to sell or negotiate lease terms for a commercial property is anything but quick and easy. From marketing, to showing the property to countless interested parties, to negotiations, an entire day could be spent just returning calls and emails. Allow a professional broker with systems in place to assist you with your transaction.