Taking Advantage of Building Monument Signs

You have made it through negotiating terms and have executed the lease. After several weeks the build out has finally been completed. Several days later, you pull up to the parking lot of the 10 story office building in the perfect location and you notice, your company’s name isn’t on the monument sign. But why?? How?? You leased the largest suite in the building, you signed on for a 5 year lease term, and gave the landlord a more than fair deposit. You assumed that you would be on the monument sign sitting on the busiest street in town. This must be a mistake, but it isn’t.

Just because you lease in a building or complex DOES NOT mean you will automatically be on the monument sign. Unless this was negotiated prior to your lease execution and is in the lease agreement, the landlord doesn’t have to add your name to the monument sign that possibly hundreds, even thousands of people pass by per day.  This is one all too common misconception that many people deal with in commercial real estate. Particularly when they negotiate a lease on their own. Signage is a hot commodity and chances are, there are more tenants in the building than spaces on the sign. Thus making it a bargaining tool for the landlord.

No matter what industry you are in, you could probably benefit from having your business name displayed to all passers by. Avoid this marketing mistake- ALWAYS work with a broker.