Eric Nesbitt is Changing Perceptions of Minorities in Commercial Real Estate.

Eric Nesbitt of the Nesbitt Commercial Group is Changing Perceptions of Minorities in Commercial Real Estate

Greenwood Village, CO – Eric Nesbitt, of the Nesbitt Commercial Group and principal brokers Alec Wynne, Paul Washington, Carmon Hicks were featured in the Colorado Real Estate Journal, Diversity Essential To Industry’s Future discussing the lack of minority representation in commercial real estate.

Although there are many changes in Colorado recently, what hasn’t changed is the lack of minority brokers in Commercial Real Estate. In Colorado, it’s partly a function of population – 21 percent of Coloradans are Latino, and only 4.5 percent are black/African-American. Even so, the percentages of minority brokers are even lower, with some large Denver brokerage firms having only one or fewer minority brokers.

“We’re very underrepresented,” said Eric Nesbitt of The Nesbitt Commercial Group, a broker, and real estate attorney. “In my day-to-day practice, I rarely interact with minority brokers.”

One the reasons minorities may be underrepresented in commercial real estate is because it’s not a profession people know about in college unless they have family or friends in the industry, which is dominated primarily by white males.

“I think the lack of mentorship is critical,” said Nesbitt. “We all need assistance sometimes in corporate America maneuvering and navigating the right way to do things, and sometimes when you’re in a room and no one looks like you, that can be very intimidating.”

Nesbitt said he’d like to see 10 to 20 percent minority representation in some of the large brokerage firms a decade from now, while Wynne said he’d be happy if there were “at least 20” minorities in the Denver commercial real estate industry by 2027.

“Diversity of people brings diversity of thought, experiences. That just makes for a richer experience altogether,” he said. To read more about this article, click here

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